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Previous PC minutes
Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 4th July 2017
at the Village Hall, The Lee at 7.30pm.

Minutes remain in draft until ratified at the next Council meeting

Councillors present:

Cllr C Sully (Chair),
Cllrs: D Chinnery, C Perry, R Fowler, C Little, A Weir, S Morris
Clerk: Liz van Hullen.
County Councillor P Birchley

17/49 Apologies for absence
Cllr N Rose

17/50 Approval of Minutes of previous meeting
Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 9th May 2017 were approved with 2 amendments; Cllr Morris was in attendance as a Councillor from item 17/34, and the spelling of Cllr Perry

17/51 Matters arising from Minutes not itemised separately
Minute 17/36: Notice on missed waste collections: The Clerk advised that this has been actioned.

17/52 Declarations of interest on forthcoming business

17/53 Report from County/District Councillors
Cllr Birchley reported as follows:

- The newly elected County Council is working on a new Strategic Plan.
- Future shortfalls in local government funding will be handled differently across councils, BCC will prioritise Adult & Child Social Care.
- BCC is working closely with the Government on Brexit issues.

Cllr Sully thanked Cllr Birchley for her support over a recent footpath matter. He also advised that Cllr Morris will pick up on progress of Superfast Broadband, and asked who Cllr Birchley felt the PC should be speaking to. Cllr Birchley suggested Philippa Batting, Managing Director, and will contact her direct.

Cllr Sully mentioned the state of repair of many of the local roads, in particular failed repairs. Cllr Birchley urged councillors to keep reporting potholes. Cllr Fowler asked for a ‘Public Transport’ Contact within BCC and it was agreed that she would look this up.

17/54 Clerk’s report
Contents of the Clerks Report were noted.

17/55 Comments or questions from members of the public:

17/56 Finance:

i) The Finance Group advised that the Annual Return 2016/17 has been submitted and presented on accounts to date.

ii) Invoices to pay:

Playsafety Ltd £109.20
Clerks salary to June £760.08
All Seasons Landscapes £200.00
DCK Beavers Payrolls £42.00
IAC Audit £180.00

iii) Financial Regulations – it was agreed that councillors would review these
iv) Risk Register – it was agreed that councillors would review these
Action: Cllrs Sully, Chinnery, Fowler & Perry

Cllr Sully invited Cllr Fowler to join the Finance Group, all agreed & Cllr Fowler accepted.

17/57 Council property – reports and proposed actions

Cllr Sully began by thanking everyone for the reports submitted prior to the meeting

i) Playground inspections: Cllr Perry advised that weed killer has been effective so strimming no longer necessary close to posts of Fort. She also reported: The rest of the playground equipment is sound although there is evidence of mud on the slide which could damage the surface. This has been cleaned off. The fort is holding up and is probably in better shape than it has been for a while. The bench area is looking much tidier since the undergrowth has been cut back.

Cllr Sully advised of 3 volunteers for the working party to review the future of the Fort (P Ogley, M Munnich & M Godfrey) & thanked them.

ii) Allotments
Water Butts & Benches. Ken Humphries has agreed to do these. The Clerk will make contact to see how things are progressing. Action: The Clerk

Two additional gates have been ordered. Cllr Chinnery will arrange installation. Cllr Chinnery

Cllr Weir reported further: We have new tenants for one and a half allotments. Steven Chilton has cut back and sprayed with weed killer a previously neglected plot, for which he has submitted his invoice.

All Seasons Landscapes continue their schedule of mowing the play areas. They have cut the roadside hedges and the rough grassed areas. They will be asked to put weed killer around newly planted trees Action: Cllr Weir

The allotments overall appearance is a little better however we still have unkempt unused plots and responsible occupiers are being approached. Action: Cllr Weir

Cllr Chinnery questioned who should be responsible for the signs and it was agreed that this should be Cllrs Perry & Weir. The Clerk will send them costs received so far. Action: The Clerk

iii) Other assets – Cllr Fowler
Emily's seat: there are patches of green/grey mould on the seat, which could usefully be treated with a fungicide. The seat itself is otherwise in good condition. It was suggested that the local Scouts could be approached to wash this off. Action: Cllr Sully

Jubilee Well: quotations for renovation have been invited

Telephone boxes: BT are proceeding with their plans for removal of the boxes, but have as yet given us no indication of timescales nor of the state in which they will leave the sites.

Notice boards: The board at the Guild Room has been renovated by the owner. That at Swan Bottom is still in situ. Now that Colin has uploaded so much information to the PC web site, Cllr Fowler will put a notice in all the boards with the URL and summary of the information available. Action: Cllr Fowler

War memorial, basketball net, bench at Swan Bottom: nothing to report

Asset Register: We need to obtain up to date valuations, particularly for the listed assets of the War Memorial and Jubilee Well Action: Cllr Fowler & The Clerk

Local Transport CLlr Fowler realised that the bus timetable at SB is at least three years out of date, so has written to BCC asking for their agreement to remove the timetable board from the board at SB as it is clearly no longer in use. An up to date timetable based on the information on the BCC website is now on display in the PC notice board at SB.

17/58 Footpaths
Cllr Chinnery reported that he had received no reports and any faults he has identified have been passed to the Cllr responsible for action.
i) Footpath No 4, it was suggested that this be considered for the Donate a Gate Scheme
ii) Footpath No 23, into Grove Wood, the style is Ok but the gate is broken Action: Cllr Chinnery
iii) Lee Gate, the footath behind Bramble Cottage needs some cutting. Also the field behind the property is fenced but leaves no clear footpath route. Action: Cllr Sully

Cllr Weir suggested a paragraph in the next Newlestter reminding all land & property owners of their hedgecutting responsibilities. Action: The Clerk

17/59 Roads
i) Red Rose buses use of ‘non-bus route lanes’. Red Rose company is fully aware and had acknowledged receipt of TLPC correspondence.
ii) It was agreed that Cllr Sully would approach the school with the proposal & associate costs, to apply white lining to areas on Oxford Street where parking is most disruptive. Cllr Morris will approach the School Governors in the same way. Action: Cllrs Sully & Morris
iii) Ditches & Riperian land – check status with BALC, remains an outstanding action from May minutes Action: The Clerk
iv) Cllr Chinnery reported that the hedges along the Chesham Lane from Kings Ash are poor and the considerable parking along the roadside should encourage a review of the speed limit. It was suggested that Mark Averill be invited to the next PC meeting. Action: The Clerk
v) LAF Funding, ideas for funding for the next financial year should be submitted by 31st August ’17. Action: All

17/60 Planning applications
Cllr Sully reported on his review of CDC decisions against TLPC comments and believes that in general councillor comments are in alignment.

Planning – comments submitted:

Footpaths 6 part and 16 part; no objections
CH/2017/0895/VRC, Oaklands, Red Lion Hill, HP16 9NF; no comment
CH/2017/0907/FA, Crawshays Cottage, Lee Clump Farm, Princes Lane, Lee Common. HP16 9NB; comments and objection. Called in to Planning Committee.

Outstanding – to be submitted:

CH/2017/0999/VRC, 7 Oxford Street, Lee Common HP16 9JY
CH/2017/1134/KA, Mulberry Lodge, Lee Clump Road, The Lee. HP16 9NA.
CH/2017/1080/FA, Nanton, Village Road, Lee Common. HP16 9LA

Planning – decisions:

0272/FA Bruns Grange, Swan Lane, HP23 6NS - permitted
0315/FA & 0316/FA Mulberry Lodge, Lee Clump HP16 9NA – 0315 permitted. 0316 - withdrawn
APP/X0415/W16/1361324 Elmwood Kennels HP16 9NQ – appeal dismissed
0557/FA North Acre, Swan Bottom, HP16 9NN - permitted
0502/FA Kings Ash Farm, Chesham, HP16 9NP - permitted

17/61 Parish Communications
i) It was agreed that TLPC would run a total of 4 x Drop-ins during 2018 (one of which will be the Annual Parish Meeting)
ii) The Clerk will prepare a draft Newsletter article Action: The Clerk

17/62 HS2 Hybrid Bill
Cllr Sully reported as follows:

- The general communication tone of HS2 appears to have altered to being that of prepared to listed to the community
- The Chilterns Review Group will consider how best to spend a budget of £3m on areas of AONB that will be affected, to date ideas include a) improved connectivity of footpaths disrupted b) ‘open for business’ promotion c) a lake underneath the viaduct
- Ideas for The Community Environment Fund include local playground refurbishment and a Village Archive

17/63 LAF Matters
Nothing further to report

17/64 Superfast Broad band
Cllr Morris will approach Philippa Batting at Bucks Business First.

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 21.37 The next meeting will be on 12th September 2017.


                                                          Liz van Hullen, CLERK