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The Lee parish comprises the hamlets of: The Lee, Lee Common, Hunts Green, Kings Ash, Lee Gate and Swan Bottom.

The Lee Parish Council's Role is:

  • to represent the interests and concerns of parishioners of The Lee to the District and County Councils and other bodies where relevant, particularly with regard to planning applications, roads and footpaths
  • to manage the Oxford Street playground, the allotments in Lee Common and other Parish Council assets
  • to act as a focus for wider discussion of parish issues including the impact of HS2 and the development of superfast broadband.

Council Members

Cllr C. Sully (Chairman)
Cllr R. Chinnery
Cllr R. Fowler
Cllr C. Little

Cllr J. S. Morris
Cllr C. Perry
Cllr A. Weir

Parish Clerk (Hayley Farrelly): or 01494 837068.

Meetings: The Parish Council meets in January, March, May, July, September and November, normally on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 7.30 pm. in the Parish Hall. Confirmed meeting dates are on the Diary page of The Lee website here.

Draft minutes of the Parish Council meetings are available here.

The agenda for the next meeting will appear here.

The Council also organises an Annual Parish Meeting to which all members of the community are invited in order to discuss current issues. Minutes of the 2018 meeting are available here. The presentation given by HS2 Ltd and their contractors at that meeting are available here. The next Annual Parish Meeting will be in May 2019.

Planning Applications

Planning applications for developments or changes to properties in The Lee parish are decided by Chiltern District Council (the local planning authority). The Parish Council is invited to comment on all applications; a summary position is recorded at each Council meeting (see above).

An up-to-date list of applications and their current status can be found at Chiltern District Council's planning website.

Planning applications for premises in the parish, submitted to CDC since 1st August 2016, include:

PL/18/3017/OA - Oaklands Red Lion Hill (application for access for new buildings only)
PL/18/2810/SA - Tudric Hall The Lee (Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness)
PL/18/2769/FA - Lucystones Cherry Tree Lane
PL/18/2320/FA - Rosewood House Cherry Tree Lane
PL/18/2199/FA - Red Lion House Red Lion Hill
CH/2018/0809/FA - Brunsgreen Swan Lane
CH/2018/0824/FA - Birches Sly Corner Lee Common
CH/2018/0565/FA - Kings Vale Farm Swan Bottom
CH/2018/0466/FA - Barn House, Oxford Street Lee Common

CH/2018/0424/FA - The Cart House Three Gates Farm Arrewig Lane
CH/2018/0370/FA - Juniper Cottage and Fir Tree Cottage Oxford Street Lee Common
CH/2018/0365/FA - Birches Sly Corner
CH/2018/0292/FA - The Manor Gardens Field End Lane The Lee
CH/2017/2332/FA - Evenley House Village Road

CH/2017/2242/EU - Oaklands Red Lion Hill
CH/2017/2235/FA - 1 and 2 Kingswood Cottages Swan Lane
CH/2017/2228/FA - Juniper Cottage Oxford Street

CH/2017/1941/FA - Cymba Oxford Street Lee Common
CH/2017/1773/FA - 1 Ivy Cottages Swan Bottom 
CH/2017/1761/FA - Kingswood Lodge Swan Lane
CH/2017/1740/FA - Dell Cottage Oxford Street Lee Common
CH/2017/1654/FA - Field End Cottage Field End Lane
CH/2017/1588/FA - High Tor Village Road Lee Common
CH/2017/1456/FA - Nellies Princes Lane Lee Common 
CM/71/17 - Clay extraction near Arrewig Lane

CH/2017/1263/EU - 2, Kingswood Cottage, Swan lane (Certificate of lawfulness)
CH/2017/1080/FA - Nanton Village Road Lee Common
CH/2017/1134/KA - Mulberry Lodge Lee Clump Road The Lee (Tree removal in a Conservation area)
CH/2017/0999/VRC - 7 Oxford Street Lee Common
(Variation in Conditions)
CH/2017/0907/FA - Crawshays Cottage Lee Clump Farm Princes Lane Lee Common
CH/2017/0895/VRC - Oaklands Red Lion Hill (Variation in permission)

CH/2017/0557/FA - North Acre, Swan Bottom
CH.2017/0502/FA - Kings Ash Farm. Kings Ash

CH/2017/0316/FA - Mulberry Lodge, The Lee
CH/2017/0315/FA - Mulberry Lodge, The Lee
CH/2017/0272/FA - Bruns Grange, Swan Bottom
CH/2016/0885/FA - Elmwood Kennels, Swan Bottom
(Notification of Appeal)
CH/2017/0214/KA - The Vicarage Swan Bottom Road (Tree pruning only in a Conservation area)
CH/2016/2098/VRC - Mulberry House, Oxford Street, Lee Common
CH/2016/1966/FA - Dove Cottage Sly Corner
CH/2016/1961/FA - The Hay Barn Swan Lane
CH/2016/1919/FA - Hethrons Oxford Street
CH/2016/1869/FA - Ferndown Lee Gate

CH/2016/1825/FA - Hay Barn, Swan Lane
CH/2016/1584/FA - Field Cottage Swan Lane
CH/2016/1458/SA Ferndown, Lee Gate
CH/2016/1401/FA Trevona, Swan Bottom

Parish Task Force
The Parish has formed a volunteer task force to undertake minor ad hoc maintenance work on parish assets - mainly at the playground/allotment areas - a willingness to undertake DIY / garden maintenance type-work, under supervision, is all that is needed. If you would like to join this group please contact the Parish Clerk (Hayley Farrelly): or 01494 837068.

Transparency Regulations
Under the Smaller Authorities (Transparency Regulations) England) 2015/494, The Lee Parish Council is obliged to publish certain information on-line. This includes:

* Annual Accounting Statement 2017/18
* Bank Reconciliation 31st March 2018
* Annual Governance Statement 2017/18
List of expenditure items 2017/18
* Council Asset Register - March 2018
* Internal Audit Statement 2017/18
* Internal Audit Report on 2017/18 Accounts
* Internal Audit Observations 2017/18
* List of Councillor responsibilities

Freedom of Information: The information available from The Lee Parish Council under the model publication scheme is shown here.

Privacy: The Parish Council's Privacy Policy is here.

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